Thursday, March 10, 2016

Grandpa's Life

Avery Noblitt
                                                                                                    March 8,2016
Mr. Coward - p. 4

"Hi Grandpa. I need to do an interview for my English class,” I asked in the middle of dinner, “would you be interested on doing it?” My grandpa’s face looked at me across the table with a big smile on his face. I knew he liked to feel very important. “I would love to! How about next Monday?” My grandpa asked me with a smile that kept growing across his face.
It was now Monday. The warm air flowed through the back patio sliding door. The loud waves crashed against the rocks below us. The sun was disappearing into the ocean. Grandma’s cooking could be smelt down the block. Agnes, my grandparents dog was bouncing off the walls with excitement because new people were in the house. My sister Sadie sat with my grandma sat at the dinner table, and me and Grandpa looked over the ocean on the couch. Agnes finally got tired, and she layed down on her pink blanket and fell asleep. My grandpa’s laugh filled the room, and I was trying to get my papers organized.

His grey, curly hair glistened in the dim light. Grandpa has a raspy voice that sounds like home to me. The farming tee shirt that he had on was one I have seen thousands of times before. His glasses made his hazel eyes twinkle. My grandpa can always be found smiling. My grandpa is a farmer, and he takes it very seriously. However, when he is around the house he has always been the happy and goofy type of grandpa. He is the type of person you always want to be around. He was ready for bed but stayed with me to answer my questions.

“How was growing up for you different from today’s generation?” Grandpa took a while pondering his thoughts. He had this smirk on his face, and I could tell he was about to make fun of me or someone else, but he kept quiet. “The fact is that most children have more things than any of us had,” he said. He went on and told me that he got one pair of jeans that lasted a year, and he said that kids now have a new pair every day. “Everything was done the long way, and by hand. Everyone now can do anything with the touch of the button, and we can thank technology for that.” Grandpa smiles at me with the same little smirk I have loved all my life. He went on about how technology has changed our world forever. He looked at me straight in the eyes, “to be honest, it has made everyone lazy. Kids become zombies and they don’t interact with anyone.” Grandpa told me how he and his friends  would stay out all night and hang out together. He told me how kids are too busy with technology to do anything.

Role models impact everyone's life when they are little. You look up to them and follow their lead. “I always looked up to professional athletes in football or basketball. They pushed you to do your best and made you think that you could do anything.” He also told me about presidents. Presidents were also a big role model to grandpa. He said how they were idols to everyone and how he and his friends respected the president. He told me the presidents when he was younger were very different from our president or even the candidates for the next one. “The people who are running for president are jokes to everyone. The candidates don’t mean anything to anyone.” I went on and asked him about the impact his parents made on him. He told me that they always put him and his sister first. Education was always pushed in their family, and grandpa went to college because his parents pushed him to do his best and go to college. His parents taught him that you can get ahead in life with hard work. “My dad worked extremely long hours, but because of that he was able to change our lifestyle.”

“What is rewarding to you everyday?” I asked looking at his teary eyes from talking about his dad. He thought for a minute and had me repeat the question a couple times. He started out with how being a businessman has helped him create his dream job of being a successful farmer. Grandpa brought Grandma into the conversation and told me how they have a house and a family because of hard work. “Looking out my back window and seeing what we have done to get here really is rewarding,” he told me gazing around the living room. I asked him about the best decisions he has made in his lifetime. He started out with going to college and to work in the family business. He told me how marring Grandma was one of the biggest and best decisions he made. “Having Grandma and I work as a team and make sacrifices so we could accomplish things to help our family. That is one decision that changed our lives.”

Being a grandchild, you want to know things to live by. Having wisdom being passed down from grandparents could really help in the long run. I asked,” what are some things you would pass down to your grandchildren?” He started off with college, and how getting a good education can set you up for a successful life. He told be to always strive to do your best and to always be honest to yourself. Grandpa finished the question with,” pick goals that push yourself so you can accomplish something you didn’t think you could do.”

To finish the interview I asked my grandpa how he would liked to be remembered in the long run. At first, he took it personal and looked at me, “Well, i’m not planning on dying anytime soon!” After I told him that this is for the long run he thought about the question a little more serious this time. He started with how he was a good sitson and gave back to people who helped him. He told me to be good to people so the would remember you as a good person and celebrate your life. Grandpa finished with, “That I was a good person who cared about my family and others. Someone who was successful and provided a lot of good jobs for good people and gave back to the community in different forms that was a help to the community.”

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  1. Hi Avery.
    I enjoyed reading your interview with your grandpa. I love his words, "Pick goals that push yourself so you can accomplish something you didn’t think you could do." I agree! I have a feeling that you will achieve your goal to be a vet one day and will inspire others along the way. Keep talking to your grandpa, ask questions, and learn by example from his words and care for your family.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Mrs. Schwoerer
    LAMS Library